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Free Consultation,22/8/2012


An Architect is not some one who has simply gone through five year course in an Engineering College and passed those exams.That will not make a person an Architect.It can only train a person on tools used by an Architect to express his creative inputs.
An Architect need creative capability and capability to dream just like a poet.He should have capability to observe from earth and create forms to enhance beauty and comforts of nature.
An Architect takes up work which God has left undone,of course in a very small extent.Architect take inspiration from nature.So the architectural creation will have to be in synchronisation with nature and surroundings around it
An Architect will have to be a dreamer and should be capable of thinking, dreaming in a different manner to create something new which fascinates others and enhances utility of space given to the Architect to design.

Each new work bring new challenges before the Architect.He learns continuously with each new work and with experience,his ability to give you a better design,better work improves.He is never shy or afraid to question what was done regularly for years by others and his quest for new skies bring new dimensions to architectural work.Continuous dreaming.learning,observation make him a better professional



Hi Thomas,

My father has consulted an architect in Ranni,  he is drawing a plan for us. Do you consider having a look at the plan once we get it? Obviously I will pay for it. I would appreciate if you would give some suggestions on it.


My reply

Dear Mr. Gigi

Plan is the most important and critical document for a house to be built.A better plan can give you better facilities,less wastage of space and it can save lakhs of your money.

Any one who can draw with Auto CAD can draw a plan.But the most appropriate plan can be designed only by an experienced qualified professional.Few thousands you may save by not availing his services can make you loose  lakhs of your money and no one can correct the mistakes and wastage of space after completion of structure of building by which time even you will start noticing defects in the plan which you might have got free or for a song.

Vasthu defects

1.Master Bed room at South East harmful to those who use the room

2.Kitchen at South West harmful

3.Kitchen cooking to face East

4.Toilet at South west corner harmful

Architectural defects

1.Living room size not indicated.But insufficient

2.Stair climbing at one stretch not good.Stair arrangement not properly drawn

3.Dining space not having adequate ventilation and lighting .Wastage of space

4.Toilet width of 150 insufficient

5.Sit out too long.Wastage of space

Plan will have to be totally revised by some one who has better knowledge in Architecture ,Structural Engineering and Vasthu

It will be mere wastage of money if you build a house with this plan

Construction using interlock bricks


Dear Sir,

I am Abraham Thomas from  Kottarakara, sir I have single store building of 1300 square feet  made with ordinary bricks. I wish to construct on the first floor with two bedrooms with attached bathroom and a hall. Can I use interlock brick for making first floor rooms that  I mention above. you know any contractor doing this job in Kollam. I am waiting for your suggestion.

My reply

Basically you should attempt to do first floor of your building construction only after availing professional assistance in design and construction.He will advise you on most appropriate materials to be used.

There is nothing wrong with interlock bricks.Quality of product and proper workmanship will have to be ensured for obtaining better results,

I do not recommend any particular contractor for any type of work.Here again your professional consultant for the work can help you locate and assess capability of the contractor

Concrete slab Thickness


Dear Thomas,

Can you please suggest whether it is advisable to have different slab thickness for each room (based on the room span) for a first floor slab. I have seen your postings on Kerala life-

In fact i am a mechanical engineer. I am well aware of the slab/ beam/ column design (IS 456/ BS 8110). The intention behind my query was that as you know based on the room span, the slab reinforcement thickness may vary and is it advisable to maintain uniform thickness (based on severe span and loading) or keep different (cost effective). Appreciate if you can provide reply.


My reply

Without studying your building plan and load conditions I cannot give a general reply.

Let the Engineer handling the design and supervision of the building decide on the matter

House design and construction is an Engineering work

Qualified and experienced professionals will have to design the house and provide detailed drawings ,design details and instructions at every stage of construction

Slab thickness can  be decided only after studying the concerned drawings by a professional

Hoping to buy a house in and around Cochin


Hello Sir,

I came across your website in a Google search.

I am an NRI with a monthly income of 1.5 lakhs,

I was brought up in Mumbai and wish to buy a home there but it is above my budget for now.

I would like to buy a house in cochin area.

I believe that you are the best person to advise me.

Please suggest!!

Warm Regards,


My reply

Our company can assist you in locating land meeting your budget and requirements.We can arrange  technical ,Vasthu and legal evaluation of the property to check whether the land purchase is safe and good.

We can also arrange professional assistance for registration formalities and related documentation and follow up

After this our company can assist you in design and construction of your dream house from concept to finish with professional care and guidance

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Consultation-8,August,2012



Dear Sir,

I like to clarify few points from you, Is there any Rule that a Panchayat can acquire private owners property?My father in-law has got a plot near the panchayath office and its facing to the state highway. this plot has some coconut trees that is all and he is not planning to construct anything in the near future. some one told him to construct any building otherwise panchayath is trying to buy most of the property near by. its true also panchayath has bought some paddy fields and filled with soil and now its used for some storage place for panchayath.

My question is  there any rule that a private property can acquire by panchayath ?.


My Reply

No panchayath or government body can arbitrarily acquire your property without your consent.

In panchayath areas for road widening sometimes property is acquired even without seeking your written permission especially in cases where the property is left unattended with owner possibly away.But you can legally challenge such arbitrary acts of any government body .

Hence it is always better to have a proper compound wall done for the property.There can also be unlawful encroachment by others which you will not know in case you are living far away.



Dear Mr.Thomas,
Went through your site and understand that you offer assistance and advise for renovation of old heritage buildings.   I need your help for renovating my old residence.
This building is unwieldy and difficult to maintain today and I would like to know if any good suggestion could be carried out effectively for a moderate cost so that I get additional effective space to meet the modern requirements.
I would like you to first visit my house if you can for which you can lay forth your terms.

My reply

To start with, I will have to visit villa to be remodeled and study work involved for remodeling/extension

After the site visit, I will give a report on what exactly can be done on the existing structure to meet your expectations/needs

Based on this initial evaluation of work, using measurements collected from site and your old drawings related to the house if any, I will prepare what we call a Basic Plan for the modified house which will show positions and dimensions of rooms, doors and windows of the remodeled house  This Basic Plan if required can be revised  to meet your requirement fully, subject to our acceptance of your change requests.

After this, we will go systematically in a professional manner by providing complete professional care and technical guidance to reach your dream house.

Building Project at Palakkad


Good Morning Mr.Thomas,

I happened to view your free consultation web-site and would like to know that whether you undertake any projects at Chittur Palakkad, I am planning to build a house together with some professional advisers like you, please let me know whether you are interested and how much does it cost?

Have a great day.


My reply

Building construction has to start with a Site visit by an experienced learned Architect to study site conditions and surroundings.A detailed discussion with the client and Architect is required to study your needs for house along with your expectations and budget constraints if any

Once this first stage is completed,Architect will prepare a plan of the house considering these aspects:

1. Information provided by you on your needs, desires and hopes for the house.

2. Vasthu aspects

3. Traditional Kerala Architecture features

4. Modern architecture features

5. Structural engineering aspects to reduce cost of construction

6. Kerala Building Rules

7. Features of site and surroundings

A well-designed plan by a qualified professional with good experience in designing and building houses can give you better facilities, appearance and lesser cost of construction as the plan will reflect wealth of experience of the professional obtained by designing and building hundreds of houses

Most important factor for reducing cost of construction is to avoid wastages of space and wastage of money in building procedures.A good Architect can provide you that and also can give you better space utilisation for every bit of built up space

Whether construction can be done by us directly or acting as consultant can be decided only after assessing all aspects.We have directly built houses in different parts of Kerala state and outside also



Hello Thomas Sir,

This is Baiju here, I am planning to buy a plot of ( 33ft front width and 55ft Length)
This is facing a private road of 3meter width, which is the approach to the 3 plots. Mine is the last plot.

Please find attached the plan which I am considering to build. Can you please check and confirm if I can construct the house in 33 * 55 plot.

My reply

Plan taken from websites of builders or from any other source may not suit your plot dimensions,Vasthu considerations and your budget and needs for the house.

I have seen people wasting lakhs of rupees by using improper plan for the house.Only an expert can understand defects in plan just by seeing the plan.Any one can understand defects in plan after completion of structure of the building.Many people call me to see the building after completion of structure of building to advice them about what can be done to rectify defects noticed by the owner of the house .But nothing much can be done by me or any other expert at that stage

People generally are very happy to get plan of the house without charges or at very little charges.By saving a few thousands for getting a better plan from an expert,you are actually causing great financial losses in the building construction.Plan of the building is the most critical document for any construction and you will have to pay heavily for your careless behavior in going for any plan obtained from anywhere.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free Consultation,2/8/2012



Dear Sir,

Can you please provide me the Square Feet Rate of House construction.

I would like to use
Concrete Blocks (solid block)
Concrete Frame with Wooden Doors / windows.
M sand


My reply

Term "square feet rate of construction" normally used by non professional contractors to woo clients has no scientific basis and it is just a bait used by contractors to catch less informed potential clients.

When no one can predict cost of even one material or labour cost for one item after one year or more ,how can any one predict cost of more than a hundred materials and different type of labour after one or more years when construction of house is expected to complete,if commenced now?

And no two contractor does construction in similar manner using same amount of material and labour for a particular house construction.Then how can you compare rates given by two contractors?



Good Morning Mr.Thomas,

I happened to view your free consultation web-site and would like to know that whether you undertake any projects at Chittur Palakkad, I am planning to build a house together with some profession advisers like you, please let me know whether you are interested and how must does it cost?


My reply

Only after a site visit to study site conditions and preparation of Basic Plan which is the most important and critical document for house construction,I can say whether your house can be constructed by our team directly or even as consultants giving detailed drawings,occasional site visits to give instructions to the contractor taking up construction for you.

Of course we will prefer a location closer to Cochin.But we have taken up construction directly with our team of workers in different parts of State of Kerala and even outside state of Kerala.

Cutting down portion of house


Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "Kerala House design and Construction:Replies to ...":

Dear Sir,

I have a house in Cochin ,but due to certain reasons I need to change some layouts and would like to cut around 5 -7 meter length of wall (double brick masonry) The building has proper pillars and beams . Is there any cutting services available in Kerala , if if is so what is the cost of such services.


My reply

Do not try to cut portions of house or even make alterations to the structure of building without getting professional advice on what you intend to do on the building

Trouble with house construction is that almost everybody thinks that he knows a lot about these things and all that he need to know from others is bits of information.People are willing to take opinion and advice of any one they may meet on such matters and finally land up in wastage of huge amount of money and trouble .

They think that saving few thousands which one may have to pay to a professional Architect/Engineer has to be avoided even at the cost of wasting lakhs of money

After Structure work


Dear Sir,

I have finished my concrete for ground & first floor, plastering, electrical wiring.

Could you please tell me now about the quality of steel doors, is it preferable than wood comparing to cost, quality & design, where i can select this.

Another thing now a days people go to Bangalore / Rajasthan to select their flooring materials like Marble and granite. is it profitable to do so. where i can locate the best supplier.

I appreciate your valued response.


My reply

After completing structure and plastering work, you require continuous guidance from a qualified and well-experienced Architect on each of the following works that will come up.

You need advice and guidance of a qualified and experienced person to know various options available to you, latest trends and ways and means to decrease cost while improving utility and appearance of the building.

Look at some of the pending works

1. Putty finish for walls and painting

2. Flooring and toilet wall/floor tile laying with latest trend,designs/patterns

3. Plumbing and sanitary works

4. Electrical wiring and fittings

5. Interior woodwork like modular Kitchen, cupboards and interior lay out design

6. Furniture work with woodcarving

8. Land scape design, arrangements and much more

We can undertake these after structure work by providing professional guidance and expert workers

To assess work already done in the house and to suggest/advise on pending works to be done I would like to visit your site.

Use of Marble and Granite for flooring is an outdated issue.There are better flooring products which are less costly and more trendy

Use of wood for door shutters are less costly and better compared to steel doors

Total Cost?


Joe has left a new comment on your post "Free Consultation,25,July,2012":

what is the total cost to build 3200 sq. ft. individual home including furniture and interior designing

My reply

Is the cost calculation for a house construction that simple? just by knowing possible square feet plinth area of a house to be built can anybody correctly predict cost including every type of work that can be done for the building?

Answer to these questions are simply a NO.

Cost of construction depends upon so many factors like

1.Site conditions

2.Soil nature

3.Design of the house

4.Materials used for the construction

5.Quality of work

6.Options you choose from different options for every type of material required for house construction

Most important of all these factors is to get a professional design from the better qualified experienced professional.Not only the initial drawings but each and every detailed drawings for construction adapted to site conditions and your requirements will have to be given by your designer from beginning to end of construction with close professional guidance and monitoring

Most important reason for cost increase during construction is wrong design which creates lot of wastages and unutilised areas in the building.Any one without proper knowledge and experience will be able to notice defects in design only after the building is completed.But then your reluctance to pay few thousands to a professional will make you loose lakhs and you will have no other option but to live with defects in the house forever.

Ecofriendly house



I  plan to construct  ecofriendly/green architecture house . Do you undertake similar projects ?


My reply

People may get confused about what this term “eco friendly house” mean.

Look at some of the ecofriendly options possible in building a house

1.Rubble work in dry pack for foundation where soil has required strength for rubble foundation:It reduces cost and increases foundation strength when properly done with professional supervision

2.Concrete frames for door window frames:cost reduction and you can avoid frames getting deteriorated with low quality wood that the contractor may supply to increase his profit

3.Filler slabs for roof slab:It will reduce heat inside rooms and will reduce cost of concrete and steel reinforcement

4.Clay tiles on roof top,both flat and slope roofs:It will reduce heat inside building and  avoid leakages of concrete roof

5.Solar heaters to heat water:It will avoid cost of electricity for heating water and will provide hot water at practically free of cost wherever you need in the house

6.Solar panels to generate Electricity:even though there will be an initial installation cost,you can simply forget about power cuts and can get Electricity at practically zero cost in the long run

7.Rain water storage:You can use rain water stored for your daily use.It will give good quality water at practically zero cost throughout the year.initial cost of rain water storage tank is the only cost involved

8.Waste water pits:This will ensure recycling of used water to your soil

9.Clay tiles or wood for flooring:Flooring materials like Marble,granite and manufactured tiles are not healthy for living

These and several more eco friendly features can be used for your house to be built.We can guide you on these

Plastering and Flooring work


Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "Elevation for 3000 sft 4 Bed house at Thoppumpady,...":

Hi sir,

I need your advice.,that first i need to do the  wall plastering or flooring work..please guide me..

My reply

How can I give reply to such comments posted on to blogs? There is no name or email id of the sender

Write directly to my email id given below for faster response from me:

Checking of Plan prepared


Dear sir ,

Please find the attached pdf file of my house plan,

Please check the room setout is as per Vasthu.

My main gate of plot from southeast .and how much will be the cost for this house

Thomas Mathew

My reply

On quick checking following are the defects

Vasthu aspects

1.For East facing house,Car porch,Main door and Gate should come at Northern half of the frontage

2.North East is Esaana Konam ideal for Pooja and not for Kitchen.There is no need to put Kitchen in the front side and create inconvenience.For this house,better keep Kitchen at North West as Agnikonam (South East) is also in the front side


Light and Ventilation in dining area is poor owing to placing Stair close to light passage wall thereby  preventing light and ventilation to that space

As per Vasthu Master bed room should come at South west.But this is far away from your Kitchen which will be inconvenient

There are several inner spaces like Foyer,Wash etc which are completely dark during day time without light and ventilation.A good Architect would have avoided such dark spaces

In view of the above I feel a total revision of plan is required before going in to Construction