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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Buying ready built Villa or apartment in Kerala":

The information given above was enlightening.  Sir, kindly let me know if a child inherits his fathers property which is in CRZ can he build a house for himself on the land available ? what are the problems ?  and the house available on the land is reconstructed by the grand son who was living there and now the dispute is cannot live in the same house Pl help.

My reply

My understanding is that you can reconstruct existing building  built before 1983.
in any case check up with concerned local authority on the matter as they will have to give you sanction for construction/reconstruction

Trying to be a builder


Vinayak   has left a new comment on your post "Low cost house construction":

hello sir, my name i Vinayak and i am from Manipal. actually i am a small builder. now i want to get into a huge project . so is it possible for me to build a residential apartment within 800 Rs per sq. ft. i am planning for about 30000 sq. ft. with residential cum commercial building. about 7 floors and with the necessary required land for set back. is it possible for you to help me?

My reply

I can design  for you and give technical guidance.But being in Manipal,it will be better for you to interact with an Architect available nearer to your location.

Once you plan to be a builder you should get enough data,technical assistance to find out possible cost of construction rather than depending up on opinion of some one on cost of construction



Animol S Nair has left a new comment on your post "Low cost house construction":

Hi sir,
I am planning to build a house in Vaikom, Kerala. I want to confirm a cost estimation for a house in an area of 10 cents. Can you please tell me an approximation of a 3BHK house with some garden area? That would be of great help to me.

My reply

Without data no one can tell you expected cost.Probably I can tell you a guess cost.But for an important investment in your life,you should not go with guesses.Try to go systematically with professional guidance on design and construction of house.As I do not have your email id,send me an email to me to

We will guide you on this

Remodeling existing house


Menon has left a new comment on your post "Queries and replies-House design,construction ,rem...":

I am a retiree in Cochin residing in Chittoor Road. I have two houses separated hardly by 5-10 ft. I am interested in joining the terraces together and have a terrace garden and retreat with a small bed room, bath and kitchen on one so that It can be self contained also. I need someone to conceptualize the idea so that I can look at the possibilities. Can you do it please? or can you recommend someone please?

My reply

For a remodeling work,we will have to first visit site,study condition of existing building,take measurements,discuss with you on your modification needs and prepare plan of the modified house.Then we will go step by step to take up the work

If you are willing to go systematically on this,contact us

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